All the class tier units for the primary WoW Dragonflight raid

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World of Warcraft provides many good causes to get into raiding. The neighborhood spirit of defeating a tough boss, the achievements, the occasional hilarious wipe as a result of your tank forgot to alter out of their DPS spec – however above all, the lure of candy swag towers, squashing lesser incentives like “social enjoyment” beneath its bushy toes.

The one factor extra thrilling than a brand new raid dropping is attending to see what slick threads your class will likely be sporting for the following six months. Due to the ever industrious knowledge mining efforts of, we’ve bought an early peek on the first tier of sophistication gear for Dragonflight. Let’s have a look!



The Warlock clobber is suitably demonic with horns and bony cranium masks, and has a delightfully shadowy color scheme.


The Priest garb offers off Val’kyr vibes with the wing-like appendages on the shoulders and head, and the overall icy-blue color scheme.


The Mage continues the icicle motif of the fabric units, with some pretty floating crystals on the shoulder. Everybody is aware of that floating crystals simply scream “Mage”.



The masters of martial arts rock a prize-fighter bandage wrapping aesthetic, with some added prayer bead orbs on the shoulders.


Rogues may want a dimmer swap in the event that they wish to stealth correctly, given this units flaming accents and glowing orbs.


Druids are leaning arduous into the Owlbear aesthetic, with each feathered and furry particulars on their new equipment. The aethereal claws on the shoulders are a pleasant contact.

Demon Hunter

Everybody’s favorite Illidan cosplayers will likely be sporting this revealing little quantity, expressing their inside energy ranger. When you’ve bought abs, you may as nicely present them off, proper?


The brand new children on the block will likely be suiting up on this Deathwing-inspired set, full with Cataclysmic flaming accents.



The brand new Shaman set is channelling the standard rock elemental, with an virtually energy armour-esque cumbersome body with floating rocks (crystals are for mages, rock are for shamans).


The Hunter set evokes a lethal hen of prey, with a hen cranium helmet, feathery crystals on the shoulders and sharp talon-like spikes on the wrists.


Loss of life Knight

Loss of life Knights will likely be displaying off a frosty, draconic look that’s like if Deathwing turned the Lich King. How would he hold the helmet on in Dragon kind? We could by no means know.


Warriors are wanting positively sci-fi on this slick rocky exoskeleton. The sleek helmet and sharp plates give a good suggestion of what Reinhardt from Overwatch would seem like in WoW.


An earlier render gave many Paladin mains a fright, because the shadowy helmet impact was absent, making a fairly goofy look. However fortunately the set is wanting good, with the added fabric wrappings evoking a clerical vibe.

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