Audi RS3 hellion needs off its leash

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Boyne Metropolis — My Audi RS3 is hungry.

Hustling alongside County Highway 56 west of Boyne in PERFORMANCE Mode, I stumble upon two slower vehicles. Adaptive Cruise Management slows me to 50 mph behind an SUV however the automotive gearbox doesn’t upshift — holding at 3,500 RPM in 4th gear with all 369 pound ft of torque on the prepared. OK.

On the first damaged heart line, I stomp the throttle. The gearbox robotically downshifts ANOTHER gear to third and the RS3 devours the SUV immediately, settling again into line at 50 mph behind the subsequent sufferer, a minivan. Sensing its subsequent prey (and my willingness to oblige its urge for food), the RS3 extremely stays in third gear — the engine quivering at 5,500 RPM.

BOOM! The minivan is toast within the blink of an eye fixed, the Audi sprinting by at 7,000 RPM redline in 4th gear. The Audi obliterates the subsequent pair of ess turns earlier than I rein it in. The tailpipes crackle and pop, happy burps after a fast meal.


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