If a bike is stolen, how much can we get in an insurance claim? 2022 Techarna

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5 Most Common Reasons For Bike Insurance Claim Denial

The cost of bike insurance is not something that a normal rider wants to spend a big amount of money. However, when it comes to the safety of your bike, there is no alternative, and it is very important to get bike insurance.

If you lose your bike, the first thing that comes into your mind is that your bike will be stolen. And if you have any doubts, then here are 5 most common reasons for bike insurance claim denial.

Lack of protection (Insurance claim)

This is the most common reason for bike insurance claim denial. Bike insurance policies are there to provide protection against theft and other natural calamities. However, many riders who purchase an insurance policy never make a claim. If they did, they probably would get a good sum of money.

No one has the capacity to protect their bike from thieves. You cannot simply buy a new bike every day. So, if you are facing a situation where your bike is stolen, don’t be too sad. You can claim money from your insurer by making a claim for your bike.

Not enough time (Insurance claim)

It is quite evident that time is the most precious commodity for us. We have a busy schedule of office and work, kids, and everything else. It is almost impossible to manage everything in a day. So, if your bike gets stolen, it might happen at any time. And there are chances that you won’t even know that your bike is gone.

This is the most difficult thing that you can imagine. You will not have time to call the police. And even if you do, it will take a few days before the bike is back. Now, you might be thinking what if you didn’t have insurance, would you have got your bike back? Yes, it is true that without an insurance policy, your bike might get stolen.

Uninsured bike (Insurance claim)

Insurance companies offer bike insurance to riders because of the rising trend of bike thefts. It has become the need of the hour. The insurance company wants to provide coverage to their customers in case their bikes get stolen.

But some people refuse to pay the premium for the bike insurance. They think that they will be paying too much, and they don’t need bike insurance.


If you have lost your bike, then don’t panic. You can make a claim for your bike. If your bike is insured, then it will be returned to you soon. However, you need to understand that if you don’t have an insurance policy, then your bike may not get returned to you.

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