Intel could make cryptocurrency mining chip ‘with out compromising the availability of latest CPUs or GPUs’

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Intel has simply introduced a model new cryptocurrency mining chip. Known as Blockscale, Intel’s new chip guarantees to be extra energy-efficiency than others at SHA-256 hashing, which is mostly utilized in bitcoin mining. Sounds fantastic, should you personal a bitcoin mining farm. Although earlier than you get too down within the dumps about it, Intel at the least says manufacturing of this new chip will not compromise manufacturing of its CPUs and GPUs.

That is as a result of it is in a position to keep away from any such compromise because of the “nature of the silicon powering this know-how.” Assumedly which means the method node the Blockscale chip will likely be produced on will not be the identical as these utilized by its CPU and GPUs. That would imply it is utilizing older know-how, however extra possible it is utilizing a really latest node as an alternative.


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