Tennessee Beats Alabama, 20-19 First Series Win Since 2006 Football tips 2022

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Tennessee vs. Alabama: All You Need to Know

Football tips

Who will win between the Tennessee vs. Alabama game? Let’s find out.

It was the final weekend of college football and we know what is coming! On Sunday, November 19, 2018, the top-ranked Tennessee Volunteers will play against the No. 3-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

We all know that these two teams are among the favorites to win the national championship, but that does not mean that the games are boring. Actually, the games are intense, especially when the players of each team put in their best performance.

Here’s what you need to know about this football game:

football tips

What Time Does The Game Start?

The game starts at 6 PM ET on NBC and it will last three hours. So, don’t worry about any missed call, you can watch the match in any time zone.

What Are The Odds?

The betting odds of the game are 1.5 points (Underdogs). If you bet on the game, you will win $10 for a win, but if you lose, then you will only receive $5.

Where Can I Watch Online?

If you are a sports fan, then you definitely don’t want to miss the most anticipated matchup. However, if you are a college football fan and can’t wait until the game, you have the option to watch it online.

You can use Sling TV, a subscription service that has almost 100 channels available to its subscribers.

Is It Possible To Bet?

Betting on college football is not that easy, but it is possible. You will have to deposit money into a bookie, and this is the best place to go if you want to bet on the game.

The best way is to use an app like DraftKings where you will get a free bet just by signing up and using their credit card. If you are looking to place a bet, it is a good idea to set aside at least $100.

Tennessee vs. Alabama: Is There A Prediction?

As of now, there is no prediction for the game, but there are some experts who have predicted a win for Tennessee.

It seems that it will be a tight match and both teams will play with their best, so there will be no prediction

for the winner.



I hope you enjoyed watching the Tennessee vs. Alabama football match, and I am sure you will enjoy this game. It is going to be a memorable one and you will be able to make some interesting predictions.

There is only one thing Tennessee needs to beat Alabama football -and its not a good defense -its that “it” factor. The Tigers beat the Vols every year since their first meeting in 1992, winning by an average of 33 points per game.

Topic: You know what the problem with Alabama football is? Its not that they can’t run the ball. Its that they can’t stop anybody. They have no pass rush and they let opposing quarterbacks throw all day long. You can see it in their stats. In 2009, the Tide only sacked opposing QBs 6 times and only allowed 18 passing TDs. They were so bad, in fact, that Alabama ranked No. 1 in total yards and No. 2 in passing yards.

Bullet points: We’re number one in total yards and number two in passing yards.

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