The Greatest Help Espers In Dislyte

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The important thing to Dislyte success is placing collectively a powerful squad of heroes. or espers, for every event. Whether or not you’re working via the primary storyline, participating in PvP (via Level Battle) or taking over Trials, you want a squad that may get the job completed.

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Loosely talking, you may divide espers into three classes: help, harm per second (DPS) and healer. Every squad wants a mix of the three to succeed. Nevertheless, with so many espers within the recreation, it may be robust to resolve who to stage up. Beneath we’ll discuss some help espers it’s best to look out for. These are heroes who buff your different squad members and debuff or weaken your enemies, so the harm and therapeutic espers can get the job completed.


SS-Tier: Gabrielle, Lucas, Unas

Gabrielle is usually thought-about the strongest esper within the recreation, and is a unbelievable addition to any squad. She is able to massive harm, alongside DEF and ATK down debuffs and a squad DEF up buff, basically fulfilling two crew roles in a single. And regardless of being a five-star legendary esper, she’s accessible to everybody free of charge by way of the Esper Fusion part of the Battle Room.

Lucas is one other five-star legend that’s free to all. Nevertheless, you’ll have to finish all 100 ranges of the Spatial Tower within the Infinite Miracle to earn him, which is not any imply feat. When you do, you’ll have entry to the most effective help espers within the recreation. His extra highly effective skills have an opportunity to stun, dispel buffs, or scale back AP, and even his fundamental assault steals enemy AP.

Unas can also be a five-star legendary, however one you get the normal means – luck of the draw. He is one of many quickest espers within the recreation, particularly as a result of his primary assault boosts AP by 30 % in your entire crew. So, if he acts first, your entire squad will doubtless get the bounce in your opponent. As well as, his base assault has a powerful probability to inflict DEF down on the goal.

S-Tier: Sienna, Tiye

If you wish to management flip order, Sienna is a dream esper. Sadly, she is one other five-star legendary. For the profitable, you will have a help character that gives ATK, SPD and AP up – alongside a primary assault that may utterly deplete enemy AP. If their AP is lowered to zero, she stuns them too.

It’s debatable that fellow five-star legend Tiye is a good stronger AP esper. Her strongest potential steals AP from all enemies and shares it amongst your entire squad, supplying you with a giant flip order benefit. Her second potential additionally targets all enemies, and has a powerful stun probability.

A-Tier: Catherine, Donar, Lengthy Mian

Catherine is a four-star esper who could be very robust in PvP versus debuff squads. She not solely removes them, however absorbs them, turning debuffs into AP buffs for allies. Her different assaults grant ‘Standoff’ to allies, or inflicts ‘Miss Charge Up’ on enemies, making her a strong all-round help esper.

If you happen to get Donar as one in every of your first couple of legendary five-star picks, contemplate constructing a defensive squad round him. He’s just about a DPS character, however depends on hanging round relatively than large harm by way of DEF up and immunity buffs — making him really feel extra like a help esper.

Lengthy Mian is a four-star esper who excels in slowing down your opponents, so could be nice for PvP battles towards squads constructed round pace. All his assaults have an opportunity to variously scale back SPD or AP, whereas his ‘Chilly Contact’ can Freeze enemies for a flip.

A-Tier: Bonnie, Jin Yuyao, Melanie

Bonnie’s fundamental assault has an opportunity to soak up enemy AP, her second can stun, and her primary ‘Disputational’ potential can dispel a number of enemy buffs – turning them into AP boosts in your entire squad. Not dangerous in any respect for the standard four-star help esper!

The final five-star legendary on the checklist is Jin Yuyao. She’s an fascinating esper that’s robust versus debuff groups. Her primary ‘Mount Kunlun’s Rage’ potential transfers all debuffs in your squad members onto a single opponent, whereas her normal assault has a superb probability to Stun the goal. As well as, her passive potential removes a debuff robotically every spherical.

The one three-star esper to make the reduce is Melanie. You want to be in a Membership (Dislyte’s model of guilds) to get her, as she’s solely accessible within the Membership Store. If you happen to do get her, Melanie is a strong SPD and AP debuffer. Along with comparatively robust assaults, her passive ‘Covenant of Punishment’ potential means each assault she does additionally reduces the goal’s AP by 15 %. If they’ve lower than 30 % of their AP left, they lose a flip to ‘Petrifaction’.

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