Which Silicon Valley startup lawyers are the best? 2022 techarna

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5 Famous Startup Lawyers in Silicon Valley

Who knows that lawyers are the biggest force behind starting a new business? Whether it is a small business or a big company, without any legal advice you cannot start a new business, because if you don’t have any money and you don’t have any legal support, how can you start a new business?

Silicon Valley is the hub of entrepreneurship and startups. In this hub, you will find several famous companies which are created through the hard work of their founders. Among those companies, there are many startup lawyers who take care of the legal side of the business.

There is no doubt that lawyers are an integral part of every business. However, they also require a lot of skill and experience to handle the legal issues of the business. That is why, it is quite essential to hire a startup lawyer who can provide you all the legal support that you need.

5 Famous Startup Lawyers in Silicon Valley

Lawyers play a vital role in starting a new company and are responsible for a number of tasks.

1. Startup Lawyers Provide Legal Counsel to Business Owners

The first task of the startup lawyer is to provide legal counsel to the founder of the company. The founder should also consult with the startup lawyer regarding the legal aspects of the business and the required licenses to establish a business.

2. Startup Lawyers Manage Tax Issues

Another important task of the startup lawyer is to manage all tax issues. Many entrepreneurs make a mistake of filing late taxes and pay heavy fines for it. They should not worry about this because a startup lawyer will guide you on the exact steps to complete the tax returns correctly.

3. Startup Lawyers Can Help To Secure Funding

Another major task of a startup lawyer is to help you in securing funding. When a business gets its first round of funding, it means that the business owner has a lot of potential and it is also a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and become an active member of the team.

4. Startup Lawyers Take Care Of IP Issues

In recent times, it has become a huge issue to protect the intellectual property of a company. Startup lawyers will advise the founders of the company regarding the various ways of protecting the intellectual property of the company.

5. Startup Lawyers Will Guide You Through The Legal Procedure

Finally, the last task of a startup lawyer is to guide you through the entire legal procedure. When you need to file a lawsuit against an infringer of your patent, the startup lawyer will guide you throughout the process.


You may ask, what is the difference between a regular lawyer and a startup lawyer. If you have started a startup and you are not aware of the legal matters, then you can hire a startup lawyer.

There are so many benefits when you choose a startup lawyer, as they are well versed in all the legal procedures and know exactly what will happen to the business.

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