Why do police always touch your car? Latest Tips

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Why do police always touch your car?

The truth is that you don’t have to be afraid of the police anymore because in the present times, the crime rate has become too high that only the strong will survive.

We are living in the modern times and it is really hard to tell who is good and who is bad. The best way to fight against criminals is to educate ourselves and to keep ourselves updated with the latest news.

The Reason Why Police Officers Always Touch Your Car

Police officers are known for their sense of alertness and efficiency. The job of a policeman is very demanding and stressful. There are times when they have to touch the cars for different reasons.

They are always in a hurry to catch a criminal or stop him/her as soon as possible. That’s why they have to make contact with all the vehicles in order to conduct a search or any other action.

But what do you think when the officer touches your car? I don’t know about you but I always feel bad.

You might ask them about the reason, but they just say that they don’t have time for explaining and they are too busy. That’s the reason why I am writing this article to tell you what exactly the officer is searching for.

There are two main types of vehicle checks:


License Check

The license check is the most common one. A policeman will drive his/her patrol vehicle near the parked cars and will get their license information. After that, he/she will write the required documents in the system.

It happens quite often that the officer will stop the driver and will ask for his license and the vehicle registration. Sometimes, it takes a long time for a person to provide all the required documents. In this situation, an officer has to touch the car for a while.

You might be thinking what will happen if the officer takes the time to look inside the car. Well, it’s not the case at all. They only need to make sure that the car is valid and that no illegal activity is happening in the car.

That’s why if you get a ticket, you should be able to see a reason on it.

Car Inspection

Sometimes, an officer will drive the car and will check it to make sure if it is in good condition. The same thing happens in case of a traffic checkpoint. You might have been there when the officers have stopped your car. If you have driven in such a situation, you must be wondering what will the officer do?

They will ask for the documents and will check if your car is roadworthy. If you don’t give them the documents, they will probably take your car to their department.

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How do the police control crime rates?

Most of the crimes are being committed due to social media. Facebook is one such platform where we share our personal information and it helps the criminals to steal and rob. In this social media, if you don’t share your personal information then no one will be able to access your account.

What does it mean to give up your privacy on social media?

It means that when you share information on Facebook or Instagram, you are giving away your privacy. Some of the people who are using social media for the first time may not know that they are sharing their information, but when you share your details you are opening your life for everyone to see.

Why don’t we get a security camera in the house?

Everyone knows that social media is a great way to keep a track of your friend and family. But in the present times, we don’t get any security camera in the houses, so if you see someone suspicious in your house, then it is only left to the owner to know about it. This is why we have to keep our doors and windows locked at all times.

Crime Scene


If you are facing a car problem, then you should definitely hire a professional car repair technician. Don’t waste your money, time and efforts on looking for a quick fix.

I hope you found this article useful and informative.

The main reason behind the increase in crime rates is the misuse of social media like Facebook and Instagram.

In the current times, the crime rates are going through a boom. People are not only sharing their personal details on Facebook and Instagram but also giving away their cars and homes without caring about the consequences. So, if you want to stay safe then follow the given tips and keep yourself updated about the latest news.

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